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Molly was cast as Roberta Stumpo in Larry David's improvised HBO film "Clear History", directed by Greg Mottola - premiering on Saturday, August 10th @9:00pm on HBO!



Molly was seen awkwardly hugging her coworkers in a holiday Massachusetts Lottery Commercial directed by Marc Colucci and produced by Element Productions!



Molly's song "Generic Winter Holiday" is now for sale on iTunes!
Molly Beck Ferguson - Happy Holidays - Generic Winter Holiday
"(the) original holiday jingle- “Generic Winter Holiday” (written byJames C. Ferguson, singer Molly Beck Ferguson, and Zack Hexum)- that’s witty and has all the makings of a holiday classic."
-Brian Skutle,


Catch Molly in FEWDIO's horror short, "Creep" now available
on their "Nightmare House" Collection DVD!


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