PERFORMANCE-related websites

HAPPY HOLIDAYS Molly's husband, James C. Ferguson is the director, writer & producer for this upcoming feature film, beginning prinicple photography in March, 2006.

The Second City Los Angeles Molly's is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory Program; check out The Second City's history, upcoming performances, and training information. Don't forget to read the Dave Razowsky newsletter.

7 Engine 7  Bill Fiala and Tibor Szakaly are the team behind the production company, 7 Engine 7, who brought you the short films CUBICLE THE MUSICLE and STOOL PIGEON. Also check out the animated short, NOUGAT - Molly's husband James is the voice of "Chocolate."

LUCKY This feature film was written by Steve Sustarsic, directed by Steve Cuden, and starred Mike Emanuel. It has won several awards, including “Best Director” at the 2002 No Dance Festival and “Best Picture” at the 2002 NYC Horror Film Festival. James got a promotion to full blown producer this time around.

THE GO GAME  Molly performs as a "plant" for this corporate or community scavenger hunt game.  It's a blast if you are looking for that fun event for your company's convention, a birthday party, or just a fun night out!  Find a "Go Game" in your city!

The Voices of Christmas The professional holiday caroling company run by Lisa Stanley. Molly has sung with them for 6 years and counting...

Killian's Workshop Killian Mc Hugh teaches several fantastic commercial workshops for adults and kids in the Los Angeles area. It's really great!


FRIENDS' websites

Scale Plus Points The official web site for Molly's husband, James C. Ferguson. Learn about his new novel, Context Clues, his upcoming film projects, or listen to some clips from his old sketch comedy troupe.

Zack Hexum Zack is the composer for the filmHAPPY HOLIDAYS, and an amazing musician. Plus he's an all-around nice guy too. He also happens to be the brother of 311's Nick Hexum. Check out his stuff!

Our Milk Money Molly's friend Ally Loprete started this website with her business partner Kelli Shand, as a resource for stay-at-home and self-employed parents.  Please check it out!

Jim Blanchette and Lisa K Wyatt   Molly's acting coaches, Jim Blanchette & Lisa K. Wyatt are working actors as well as fantastic teachers!

Creative Scentulization Looking for that perfect perfume? Sarah Horowitz-Thran was recently named on the "Best of LA" list for her custom made perfumes. Take her online scent journey to see which perfume is right for you!

Shapeshifter Studios Molly’s cousin Charlene Maguire is a talented fantasy artist / graphic designer.

Tracy Chapstick  Molly's Second City classmate, Shawn Donnelly has started a cartoon blog , which is an ongoing collection of strange and/or quasi-humorous thoughts.

Marty Barrett Marty Barrett is a member of the improv troupe Guilty Pleasure, and a very, very funny guy.

Mary E. Kennedy Mary is a friend from Emerson College and works as a stand-up cracking 'em up on both the east & west coasts.

Tracey Morris Tracey is an amazing photographer, and a great person too!

Chuck Pizar Chuck Pizar is a great writer and Molly's cousin-in-law - check out his blog.

Barbara Passolt Barbara is a very talented singer/actress/voiceover artist

Chic Geeks Paul Hungerford's website. All you need to know about the geeky games, gadgets and gossip we secretly love.

Thomas Misuraca Tom is a fellow Emersonian, screenwriter, playwrights, and novelist - please check out some of his work.

Greg Thran Greg is a good friend and an amazing fantasy artist. Please check out his sketches and paintings.

Summer of Tears Molly's classmates from The Second City - Rob Kerkovich, Tony Liebetrau & Will Greenberg - are in a great comedy sketch troupe, Summer of Tears - please check them out!

Ten West  Stephen Simon & Jon Monastero make up the 2-man sketch comedy troupe, Ten West, whose hilarious and original material is inspired by vaudeville, commedia and clowning.

Jenny Creative  Jenny Graves is a graphic designer and webmaster - please check out her site...she's fantastic!


Engrish The official site butchering the English language. Drew Curtis compiles this great daily collection of bizarre news stories from around the globe.

Foxboro Reporter Molly's hometown newspaper in online!

The Onion Still one of the funniest pages on the web, this spoof newspaper is always hysterical.

IMDb The Internet Movie Database will give your endless facts and trivia about movies, TV shows, actors, directors, writers, producers - anything and everything having to do with movies & TV.

Star Links Taking the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” to a whole new level, you can now find out how many degrees of separation your favorite actors have with one another. For example, Molly has a Star Link of “3” to Ewan McGregor.

Found Magazine A collection of photos, notes, and objects found in places all over the world.